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Terms of Use

This document was last updated on Feburary 14, 2010.

Acknowledgement of Policy

This document outlines the policies and conditions that control your access to any of the content at Brewasaurus.com and your use of the services, including uploading content and communicating with other users. The privilege to access any content or services on this website is dependent on acceptance of these terms, and by using any of the services on this website, you accept the terms and conditions set forth in this document, as well as any other common conditions of good behavior. Tactical Informatics also retains the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notice, and visitors will continue to be bound by the terms in the updated agreement. If we do modify our terms of use, the date specifying the last update at the top of this page will be updated to reflect the most recent changes. It is the users' responsibility to periodically return here to stay up to date with our policies as they pertain to you. If changes are made which require us to notify you, or these changes are outside the scope of this agreement, Tactical Informatics will notify members, either by email or by on-site notifications. Continuing to use Brewasaurus.com after being notified of these changes signifies acceptance of the new terms outlined in the updated agreement.


Any content you submit is subject to the Privacy Policy here at Brewasaurus.com. Please familiarize yourself with this document, as access of any services or contribution of any content signifies your acceptance of both this terms of use agreement as well as our privacy statement.


Brewasaurus.com is a publicly available website. As with most other content available on the world wide web, there may be misuse by some. Although every effort has and will be made to ensure security and proper functionality, the internet is a dynamic environment where bulletproof standards do not exist to guard against every possible type of misuse, and new ways to violate the intent of website providers are steadily arising. Tactical Informatics therefore cannot accept liability for any damage caused by other people's malicious intent. Also, while a serious attempt has been made in this document to outline all major topics of concern for visitors to Brewasaurus.com, some possible situations may be missing, inaccurate or unenforcable in the jurisdiction responsible fo enforcing the laws in question. In these cases, the rest of this document should not be considered void, and any legal restrictions not explicitly defined here are still applicable.


Joining Brewasaurus.com grants access to certain members-only content and allows visitors to interact with other members. Membership is a privilege, and as such, Tactical Informatics retains the right to refuse, limit, suspend and/or revoke access to any user for any reason at any time and without notice. The following are examples of inappropriate use of services given, are not allowed for any reason, and will result in suspension or revocation of services as well as legal action if necessary:

  1. Impersonation of another person, and/or falsely identifying yourself.
    • You should feel secure knowing that your personal information is safe, and will not be shared unless in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  2. Posting inappropriate content
    • This includes any profane, explicit, or any otherwise offensive or unacceptable content that may detract from other visitors' experiences.
  3. Spamming
    • Brewasaurus.com is dedicated to providing their visitors with the best user experience possible, and diluting the site's value by submitting content or sending messages unrelated to the subject matter (as determined by Tactical Informatics staff), or by sending unreasonably large amounts of said information is not allowed
  4. Advertising other services
    • This involves using the content submission services, including personal profile information, in an attempt to solicit another product or service, or to lead other visitors away from brewasaurus.com, and is forbidden, except in methods explicitly approved by Tactical Informatics.
  5. Harrassment / Inappropriate Interactions
    • Communication with other like-minded users is important to the experience at Brewasaurus.com, and all users should feel comfortable knowing that they will not have to deal with inappropriate, offensive or uncomfortable conversation.
  6. Inappropriate Use of Personal Information
    • Although all users have the ability to hide personal information, any misuse of displayed information by other users will be subject to any liability and/or legal rammifications of this misuse
  7. Hacking
    • Any attempt to alter any data, code or content not obviously intended for public use (made available through interfaces provided by Brewasaurus.com) or not available to you personally for use (other peoples information / content) is strictly forbidden and may result in legal recourse.

Brewasaurus Original Content

The folowing information describes the rules and restrictions regarding all original creative (non user-submitted) content made available on Brewasaurus.com. This includes, but is not limited to, all code and scripts, pictures, page design, text, logos and emails sent from Brewasaurus.com.

Rules Governing Use / Access

The content at Brewasaurus.com is available strictly for entertainment purposes only. Access of all content at Brewasaurus.com is restricted to people of legal age to consume alcohol. With regards to emails sent by Brewasaurus.com, you will not re-send these emails, and you may opt-out of any or all emails by following the directions and using the links at the bottom of the email.


Tactical Informatics makes no guarantee of accuracy or completeness for any statistics, calculations, article content, etc. on Brewasaurus.com, and also makes no guarantee of availability, security or proper functionality. Content may also be modified, added to or subtracted from, moved, and/or deleted from the website at any time without prior notice. Tactical informatics will not be held responsible for any damage or harm that is caused by access of content on Brewasaurus.com.

Submitted Content

Rules Governing Use / Access

By accessing and/or submitting content here at Brewasaurus.com, you are affirming that you are:

  1. Over the age of 13. Content is not knowingly accepted from children at Brewasaurus.com
  2. Of legal age to view alcohol related information. Tactical Informatics does not condone drinking by anyone not legally able to do so
  3. Not prohibited by law from accessing and/or submitting content on the world wide web
  4. The legal owner or are allowed by law to publish said content


All user-generated content on Brewasaurus.com is the sole responsibility of the originator of the content in question. As such, by accessing content at Brewasaurus.com, you understand that you may encounter content that you consider offensive, incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inappropriate, and you relieve Tactical Informatics of any liability for any damage or harm that stems from the display, transfer or usage of this content. The content on Brewasaurus.com may not be monitored or contolled, and the views of members of Brewasaurus.com are not necessarily aligned with the views of Tactical Informatics. In addition, Tactical Informatics will not accept any liability for content illegally or unethically published by users of Brewasaurus.com. You are responsible for all content you submit and any liability that may arise from doing so.

Usage by Brewasaurus.com

By submitting content to Brewasaurus.com, you hereby give Tactical Informatics a non-exclusive license to freely distribute, modify, transfer, publish externally and/or internally, sublicense and use in any other way so long as the usage is not restricted by the terms outlined in this document or the Privacy Policy. This license is in effect anywhere content is made available by Tactical Informatics. Content you submit can also be removed or re-added at any time without notice.

Our Rights

All Brewasaurus.com original content is protected by trademark and copyright laws anywhere content is published, and users are not allowed to reproduce, reuse, distribute or publish any content for commercial use. The only allowable distribution of Brewasaurus.com content is by methods provided for on Brewasaurus.com, such as sharing on other social networks and printing recipes.

Third Party Information

Information is available on Brewasaurus.com from outside sources. This includes advertisements and any links that may be posted by users or made available by Tactical Informatics. Tactical Informatics is not responsible for the content on these websites, and you should make sure to familiarize yourself with their terms of use in order to be sure of their policies regarding your access and use of their information, in addition to their use of any information you provide them. Specific information from third parties includes:


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