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Guiness Neon Light

This 16" tall Guiness neon light is the perfect addition to your bar or game room! White neon tube outlines this world famous stout! Don't forget to leave a pint for Santa on Christmas Eve as well your light on in the window, it might put him in a more generous mood!
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Transfer Day

  • Siphon
  • Glass Carboy
  • Carboy Bung
  • Airlock

You may or may not actually have a transfer day. Some beers will be ready in a week and you won’t need any other ingredients or adjuncts. I recommend using your glass carboy as a secondary fermenter though. The main reason is that during initial fermentation, a lot of yeast cells die and collect on the bottom. The longer the beer sits on this yeast bed, the more likely it is to collect a “yeasty” taste. Transferring to another container gives you time to allow the beer to fully ferment without worrying about changing the taste. Secondary fermentation is also a convenient time to add other additives, or adjuncts, to your beer in future batches where you want to get a little fancier.

All that you have to do is learn how to siphon the wort from one container to another. If all you have is a hose, it can be tricky. You don’t want to use your mouth, because your mouth has bacteria on it (bacteria = bad). You want to place the fermentation bucket next to, and higher than the secondary vessel. Fill the hose completely with water and place your thumbs over each end. Now put one end of the hose just above the level of the beer and the other end just over the top of the glass carboy. Make sure the carboy end of the hose is below the end in the fermenter. Take your thumbs off both ends at the same time and immediately place one into the beer. Transfer as much of the wort as you feel comfortable without siphoning the bed of yeast at the bottom, typically ½ to 1 inch tall.

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